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Port of Baltimore's 300th Anniversary   Three hundred years ago, in April 1706, the Maryland Legislature designated an area off the tip of Ft. McHenry called Whetstone Point, as the Port of Baltimore. It soon became a hub of international commerce and a thriving maritime community sprung up to keep it going. It was and still is the gateway to the world bringing in goods to be shipped by truck and train throughout the country and sending exports throughout the world.

Maryland - Gateway to
American Marketplace
Maryland Industry
Maryland is a natural international gateway to the American marketplace. Strategically located midway along the East Coast of the United States, Maryland provides the ideal base from which to serve the largest consumer and industrial markets in North America. No other U.S. market allows merchandise to be imported from or exported to retailers and end-users as quickly and economically.

About About Maryland Distribution Council
MDC intends to lead the charge into the area of expanding international trade. Its primary assets are: Maryland's uniquely located maritime and airports, highly developed transportation infrastructure, a state-of-the-art intermodal network and highway system that offers one-day access to America's vast consumer market. Maryland is truly the natural "Gateway to the American Marketplace." It is our mission to carry this message.

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